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Common Questions about Insurance
Know Your Rights
You are not obligated to use any particular shop to obtain repairs.
You choose the shop and authorize the repairs, NOT the insurance company.

Dealing with the stress of a collision is hard enough without trying to figure out how your accident insurance works. Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about insurance policies.

Will the insurance company guarantee your work?

We guarantee our own work, but the insurance company does not have the legal right to guarantee a third party's work.

Who pays for repairs?

It depends on the circumstances. If you were at fault, but have comprehensive or collision insurance, the insurance company would pay the costs minus your deductible. Deductible is paid to the repair shop when you pick up your vehicle. If the other party was at fault, their insurance company should pay.

Do I have to accept the insurance company's appraisal of damage?

No. Check the "Appraisal Clause" in your policy if you have differences with their appraisal. It allows you and the insurance company to gather an opinion from an appraiser you both agree upon, or a third-party "Umpire" if you cannot agree.

Do I have the right to a rental car?

If you have purchased rental car coverage on your policy and were responsible for the accident, you may seek reimbursement from your insurance company or, if another driver was responsible for the accident, their insurance company will be responsible for reimbursement.
If you do not have rental car coverage and were responsible for the accident, you have no grounds to ask for reimbursement. If the other driver was liable, you can generally seek reimbursement from their insurance company.
We can set up the rental car appointment and give them all the billing information (claim information) when the appointment is set up. This way the car rental company has all the paper in order by the time you pick up the rental and are not required to pay for it. The rental car company asks for a $50 deposit which can be paid by credit card, debit card, or cash. This will be credited or returned upon return of rental car.