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Repair Process
  1. Initial estimate of vehicle repair is written by our experienced estimators or insurance company.
  2. From the estimate we will be able to give you an estimated time frame of repairs.
  3. Schedule date to start repairs and order parts can all start with your authorization to repair.
  4. Auto Art & Collision Repair LLC can negotiate terms with the insurance company.
  5. Parts are ordered for the collision repairs by the vehicle specifications.
  6. Parts are delivered to Auto Art & Collision Repair LLC before your scheduled date.
  7. Drop off vehicle at Auto Art & Collision Repair LLC on scheduled appointment date for the repairs to start.
  8. Your vehicle is disassembled and re-inspected for any hidden damage.
  9. Hidden repairs require a supplemental damage report be documented and approved by both customer and insurance.
  10. Auto Art & Collision Repair LLC request the approval of additional damages.
  11. When supplemental damages are approved we order the additional parts.
  12. Auto Art & Collision Repair LLC will call and update you with a new completion date due to any additional damage found.
  13. First step to the collision repairs are the structural and or body repairs.
  14. If required the vehicle is set up on the frame machine and pulled back to factory measurements.
  15. The next step in the auto collision repair process is to add the new panels to the vehicle.
  16. Next the primer, sealer, and corrosion protection are applied.
  17. The repair technician will inspect the repairs and send to the paint department.
  18. Vehicle is washed and chemically cleaned before the painting process.
  19. The vehicle is prepped, primed, and sealed in the next step of the painting process.
  20. The vehicle is masked and taped to prevent over-spray.
  21. Vehicle then undergoes a multi-step painting process.
  22. As a courtesy to our customers we take the extra time and effort and color sand and buffed the vehicle.
  23. The vehicle is then reassembled and cleaned. Final inspection is completed.
  24. You are then notified that your car is ready for pick up.